Even though it’s completely preventable, tooth decay remains one of the most common diseases in children. In fact, at least a quarter of all children will experience at least one cavity by the age of 4. Doesn’t your little one deserve teeth that they can rely on for a lifetime? Dr. Albrecht offers various services for keeping still-developing teeth safe and intact. If your child is ready for their next appointment, contact us today to start making the necessary arrangements.

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Your child should start seeing a dentist regularly by the time their first tooth erupts. Dental anxieties are particularly common among younger patients, so our goal will be to keep your little one positive and relaxed while we examine their teeth and remove any plaque and tartar we find. These regular visits help us confirm that their mouth is healthy and developing correctly. We’ll let you know if we notice a problem that needs to be addressed, such as an issue with the bite.


Even adults often have trouble cleaning every nook and cranny of their teeth, but the process can be extra challenging to a child who is still learning how to use their toothbrush properly. We can give them an additional safety net in the form of dental sealants, which are protective coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth that are particularly vulnerable to cavities (typically the molars and premolars near the back of the mouth).


A fluoride treatment is another way to lower your child’s risk of cavities. Fluoride helps strengthen the enamel so that it can more easily resist harmful bacteria. The treatment that Dr. Albrecht provides involves applying fluoride directly to the teeth in a highly concentrated form. Only a small amount is used, and little (if any) will be swallowed during the process. The procedure can be completed very quickly and painlessly during a regular checkup.


The time might come when your child needs a filling to reverse the damage of tooth decay. You might be worried that having a dark-colored piece of metal in their mouth could get them unwanted attention from the other children at school, but that won’t be a problem if we apply tooth-colored composite resin instead. This type of filling looks completely natural so that most people won’t even know that a dental procedure has been performed at all.


With any sport that involves body contact, flying equipment, or even a simple risk of falling down, it is extremely important to give your teeth some protection from any sudden blows to the face or head. The act of wearing one of these appliances can greatly reduce your risk of broken teeth, cut lips, and other forms of dental damage. Dr. Albrecht can customize your mouthguard so that it fits more comfortably and provides superior protection.