When most people think of visiting the dentist, they probably imagine a regular checkup and cleaning. These visits normally only take place twice a year, but that’s normally more than enough for us to keep the mouth as clean as possible and prevent severe oral health issues from occurring. When it has been more than six months since your last appointment, now is the time to call New Braunfels Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and schedule your next checkup with Dr. Albrecht.

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The goal of a dental checkup is simple: look for possible warning signs of oral health issues and develop a treatment plan depending on what problems are found. In many cases, the examination will include X-rays that show us the state of the bone as well as the hard-to-see spaces between your teeth. We’re likely to find plaque and tartar in the areas you haven’t been able to brush very well, and we can remove them before polishing your smile, leaving it feeling bright and refreshed.


Fluoride is an essential mineral for maintaining healthy, strong teeth, which is why it is typically added to toothpaste and drinking water. It encourages remineralization of the tooth so as to make it more resistant to cavities and general wear and tear. Since some patients are more likely to suffer from decay than others, we might recommend a fluoride treatment so that your teeth can enjoy some extra protection until the time comes for your next visit.


We check for more than just tooth decay and gum disease during your checkup. Sometimes we will notice that your teeth are wearing down at an unusually fast rate, which often means you’re unconsciously grinding your teeth (a condition called bruxism). Nightguards are very useful for preventing further damage while you are asleep, and the appliances provided by Dr. Albrecht are more comfortable and fit better than what you would normally find at a store.


Oral cancer is another serious health issue that we need to keep an eye out for during your visits. Like with any kind of cancer, successful treatment usually relies on an early diagnosis; your chances of survival will be much better if the condition is caught before it has a chance to spread. If we notice a discolored patch of tissue or another symptom that’s closely associated with oral cancer, we’ll help you make the arrangements to have your condition diagnosed by an expert.